artist gregory euclide

interesting painter. whimsical, conceptual "landscapes".

definitely click through, as the scale of this image doesnt quite convey the work. much bigger images on his site. my favorites are mostly in the 2005 section.

what a girl really wants- "shoes" by kelly

update- Jillian Barberie of "Good Day LA" loves "shoes" too. check out the footage of her geeking out to the song on air- here


peaches in the studio with joan jett

good stuff.
as anything having to do with peaches, all minors must be accompanied by an adult. just kidding, they blur out the nipples, so its work safe. =]

more studio time with peaches-
part 2
part 3
part 4

calligrapher/letterform artist Yves Leterme

"skin deep, soul deeper"

i stumbled upon this gentlemans work accidentally last night, and color me impressed. what a find. those that know me know that i have a major soft spot for calligraphy, graffiti, fonts and all types of letterforms. this guy does some absolutely beautiful work. great style. he makes me terribly ashamed of my own handwriting.
a couple examples-

link to his online gallery


water as musical interface

the toriton plus- still seemingly in its development stages, although a neat idea. i actually remember playing a similar instrument like 15 years ago at an earth day festival, except in this case it was a huge, shallow copper tub filled with water in a little room filled with speakers that you slapped at or splashed, and it picked up and amplified the vibrations of the copper. i think. it was definitely fun, though.


superflat monogram(?)

beautiful louis vuitton ad created by artist Takashi Murakami. an updated alice in wonderland, in which a girl, while waiting to meet her friends outside of a store, has her cell phone eaten by a Panda, who then promptly swallows the girl - and down the proverbial rabbit hole she goes. or in this case, panda esophagus.

higher quality divx version available on stage 6-
superflat monogram

it is on- reinventing culture

this is a pretty awesome and powerful all encompassing 22 minute music and video mix titled "reinventing culture" done by thinktoy(music) and dizzywizard(video). hosted on the stage 6 video site, which requires divx to view. site will automatically prompt an install of divx when you visit. if you dont already have it, its worth the effort. tons of classic nineties dance tracks. and theres some nsfw bits.

link-reinventing culture

virgin galactics spaceship2

take a virtual flight inside spaceship2, virgin airlines first tourist centric space craft. tickets are 200,000, in case youre wondering.

for more info check out space.com

found magazine

found is a magazine/website containing all kinds of goodies in the form of photos, drawings, writings and other bits of randomness found in the trash, on the street, or wherever these things happen to surface.


hilarious telemarketer prank


very funny. guy gets it proper.


trapped in the clauset

santa takes on the r. kelly classic.
major blasphemy warning.

part 2

part 3

update- it occured to me that some people who might visit this blog could have somehow missed the glorious epic that is r. kellys "trapped in the closet" series, a.k.a. the most self indulgent retarded piece of shit songwriting and subsequent video making fiasco EVER. that makes it funny.
i dare you to watch all 12(12!) episodes-
trapped in the closet part 1
and i double dare you to watch r.kellys special commentary version. so insightful.
commentary part 1
and if you are still alive after that, i really really dare you so hard to watch the live version.
TitC LIVE-link

ask the fruit cake lady

the fruit cake lady was an occasional tonight show guest who offered her sage advice to the people. she passed on just recently, so here is a highlight reel of some of her best moments.


kung fu kitty

now this, this is some awful filmaking right here. its a kung fu movie called simply, the cat, and the cat apparently knows kung fu. this is the epic battle of cat vs. the junkyard dog.

that finishing move was devastating!

ahh, the christmas spirit

theres a really drunk homeless dude stumbling down the street in front of my apartment singin cameos "word up" really badly, and really loudly. just thought i would share.

dmv "prank"

part 1

part 2

hilarious clips from the dvd "teenagers from uranus"
kind of oddly disturbing though. with all the talk you hear of "tightening security" and terrorism and all that, i just cant believe that this was allowed. it just doesnt make any sort of sense. who the hell was working that day?

ecosphere ecosystems

this is kinda cool, a great teaching aid for understanding ecosystems.
" The Original EcoSphere® is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass."
"Unlike an aquarium, this little world is a closed ecological system. Light gets in, but nothing else - no food, no water, no nutrients. Everything must be recycled. Just like the Earth. In our larger world, we also - plants and animals and microorganisms - live off each other, breathe and eat each other's wastes, depend on one another. "


mixed nuts

one womans commentary on the "family experience"

chick tract mentions harry potter

i dont know if you have ever been lucky enough to receive a jack chick religious tract, but if you havent, you are missing out on some first class entertainment. i first came into contact with them when i waited tables as a kid, and on sunday afternoon you would get these asshat customers, fresh out of church, that would leave them as tips. i hope those people rot in a special hell.
if you need a good laugh, and dont mind being reminded over and over that you are going to burn in hell for all eternity, check out this collection of "chick tracts"-
direct link to one of my favorites, entitled "bewitched"-