the bobbie doll

introducing bobbie, the worlds first lesbian doll. your choice of 3 models- rockabilly, "doc holiday" or diesel dyke. comes with leather strapon , dildo, and mini vibrator.


the happiest monster



the sustainable dance club project

frickin awesome! harnessing the energy of the dancefloor-
"The Sustainable Dance Club incorporates innovations in the field of sustainable design and applied techniques with social responsibilities in attractive club surroundings. The electricity generating dance floor will generate electricity from the movements of dancing people. This human powered floor is now being developed in cooperation with the Technical University in Delft and will most likely be the projects’ piece de la rĂ©sistance."
"You only have to imagine the amount of energy, warmth and humidity that a club crowd produces on such an evening to see the great potential."


michael samuels- recent works

some interesting and clever work, mostly miniature tabletop landscape/cityscape sculpture, as well as some other pieces. michaelsamuels.co.uk

wikihow- how-to wiki

nice. a how-to manual wiki with articles ranging from "How to Get Your Girlfriend to Play Video Games" and "How to Get out of a Car Gracefully Without Showing Your Underwear" to more practical matters like "How to Replace the Ignition Lock in a 1995 Camaro".

knife throwin mom

oh my god! someone call child services!

i dont think i took a breath though that entire clip.

worth 1000 star wars/ celebrities photoshop mash up

worth 1000 had a photoshop contest where they asked contestants to turn celebrities into star wars characters. some of the results are pretty clever.

link to many more entries-www.worth1000.com

samurai darth vader

and speakin of star wars-



so it seems that im taking a few days off. my apologies to my legions of attentive fans.