alternate uses for your laptop

in order to promote "shutdown day", where they ask everyone to go 24 hours without your computer this march 24th, just to see what will happen, these guys made a hilarious short of alternate uses for your laptop.

“Emails will go unanswered, and blogs will not be updated. During lunch breaks, people might talk to their co-workers and go for walks outside. One might even buy a newspaper to catch up on the latest.

At home, computer games will wonder what they’ve done to cause their players to ignore them so completely. The echoes of IM bleeps and pings will temporarily cease.”

reuters photo fraud

reuters news service is accused of, with some pretty damning evidence, knowingly on many occasions having practiced deceit in the form of-

1. Digitally manipulating images after the photographs have been taken.

2. Photographing scenes staged by Hezbollah and presenting the images as if they were of authentic spontaneous news events.

3. Photographers themselves staging scenes or moving objects, and presenting photos of the set-ups as if they were naturally occurring.

4. Giving false or misleading captions to otherwise real photos that were taken at a different time or place.

for example, this photo, which appeared in u.s.news and world report, the cover even, was captioned as

"A Hezbollah gunman aims his AK 47 at a fire caused by an explosion in Kfarshima, near Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, July 17, 2006."

however, closer scrutiny reveals its actually a pile of tires burning, and therefore the gunman was a set up.

link to full article with all the evidence laid out- zombietime.com/reuters_photo_fraud
pretty dispicable


like the tron guy post, here is another one of those internet memes that have made the rounds a million times, but some people coming here might have missed, and that would be a shame.
moshzilla- this young lady was just minding her business in the friendly neighborhood mosh pit, when someone decided to post this pic of her somewhere out there, and all hell broke loose. you could hear the masses of photoshoppers falling out of their seats from pretty much anywhere on earth.
how she got her name

how she got her fame

many more here- glumosh.blogspot.com

craig ferguson on britney spears

craig ferguson, comedian/host of the late late show, cracks the facade of televison for a moment and talks about his battle with alcoholism, and why hes not going to make fun of britney spears. for right now, anyway.

and heres an interview he gave

forget me not panties/ panty raiders

Ever worry about your wife cheating?

Want to know where your daughter is late at night?

Need to know when your girlfriend's temperature is rising?

This amazing device will answer all of your questions! These panties can give you her location, and even her temperature and heart rate, and she will never even know it's there! Unlike the cumbersome and uncomfortable chastity belts of the past, these panties are 100% cotton, and use cutting-edge technology to help you protect what matters most.


the culprits- www.pantyraiders.org

fox doing what fox does to barack obama

a nice compilation of foxs use of dirty, dirty, greasy, slimy, foul and despicable tactics concerning barack obama. scared much, fox?

the Julie Amero case

this is the teacher in conneticut that is being tried (for 40 years!) for allowing children to see pornography on one of the school computers. basically, she got slammed with a bunch of porn popups, and being fairly computer illiterate, she didnt know what to do to stop it, and no matter how fast she clicked away, the porn just kept coming. i dont know why this lady didnt have the wherewithal to just turn the monitor off, or cover it up, i imagine she was just panicking. anyway, the details of the case are pretty f'ed up, lots of bad politicking and bullshiting going on, like the school hadnt updated their virus software since 2004, she was told that if she unplugged the computer the whole network would go down, people accusing her of intentionally doing it to corrupt the kids, clueless computer "experts", etc. etc. the whole situation is a fiasco of blame game, and this poor substitute is caught up in the middle of it.
its definitely worth a look, and if you are so inclined, worth some time to send off a coule emails in her defense. here is the blog set up by her husband that has more info, and addresses to the various nitwits in charge of the whole deal.



new world snow angel record- 8,900 people

8,910 people in bismarck, north dakota took part, this past saturday, in reclaiming the world snow angel record back from michigan. full story here-link

tron guy recap/ for my brother

somehow, my brother didnt know who "tron guy" was. this is tron guy-

nice package, tron guy!

tron guy, a.k.a. jay maynard was a mild mannered computer consultant(or something), from minnesota(or somewhere), who made a tron costume for "penguicon", a combination linux user/ scifi convention, and posted the whole costume making process, which you can find here- tron costume
this propelled him to minor intenet notoriety, which led to him appearing as a guest on the jimmy kimmel show, which subsequently led to him being a semi regular guest/victim of the show. first they tried him out as a man on the street interviewer, which is quite possibly some of the most painful footage ever produced. prime example right here.
whew. in the process of his fame, it is revealed that jay has never been married or had a girlfriend or had sex for that matter, so the jimmy kimmel show decides to find love for the tron guy, and set him up on a series of dates. two of which i highly recommend-
date #1, where he went rollerskating. an ode to intersexual akwardness.
date #2, where a party girl finally takes control of the situation and gets him hammered and rubs his face in her boobies.

and finally we come to "now" where the latest manifestation of the tron guy was in this mac ad parody,

which is brilliant.

more, much much more, here-www.tronguy.net

book trading websites

websites for trading books. any avid reader knows how expensive their habit can be if you let it run wild. these sites were created to allow users to trade books, you just upload a list of books you want to give away, and when somebody takes that book you recieve points to trade for other books. some are even branching into cds and dvds as well.

the monster engine

this guy takes childrens drawings of monsters and superheroes and turns them into finished paintings. very cute idea.

fly guy

i love this thing. try out this little "game", you wont regret it. and definitely find the ufo. definitely.

fly guy

bennet robot works

"these robot sculptures by gordon bennet are made from a mixture of found objects. the parts are found in various places including garbage dumps, basements, construction sites, and garage sales."
well, i like the concept. im pretty wowed by the fact that homeboy is selling these for between 750 and 4000 dollars, and they are moving! he says they take about a month to build, which seems like b.s. to me, more like a few hours, but more power to him. and hes selling 50 dollar posters!

britney spears shaving her head. as a cookie.