richard branson offers 20 million dollars to find cure for global warming

yup. sir richard branson, ceo of virgin group (virgin reords, virgin galactic, virgin airlines etc. etc. etc.) announced a 20 million dollar prize to solve the global warming crisis. he got the idea from his participation in the "x-prize", the 10 mil. contest to put a privately owned ship in space, and a chat with al gore. perhaps this is to offset his guilt over all the rocketfuel his virgin galactic fleet is gonna burn once they go live... although who cares why hes doin it, what a great idea. nothin like a cool 20 mil to stir the imagination, huh?
full story here- news.independent.co.uk

oooooooooo! sculptor Ron Mueck

love it!

link to too small online gallery

oh god! awful microsoft promo

this has to be the worst advertisement ever made. promo video for microsoft 386 from 89? i think.
i just dont understand how anyone could ever make such a monstrosity. i mean, think about it- when something like this gets made, someone has to come up with the concept, and think "hey, what a great idea!". they then have to pitch the concept, and someone else has to say "hey, what a great idea! do it". then a whole group of someones have to make it, and again, it has to go through more groups of people who have to say, "great, we approve! send it out!"

so the question is, how do these things happen? watch and cringe...

wild whale shark footage

divers off thailand encounter and film a whale shark, the worlds largest fish. beautiful creature. what an amazing experience it must be to dive with something that huge.

new concept phone

clever idea, a concept phone that projects a keypad onto your fingers, thereby turning your fingers into a phone or texting device...
the technology for it already exists, so well see what happens.


the internet forum experience

anyone who has ever participated in an internet forum will appreciate the truth in this.

virginia techs mac supercomputer

virginia tech put together the 3rd most powerful supercomputer in the world by linking 1100 apple g5s, getting 10.28 teraflops for only 5.2 million dollars. as a comparison, the second most poweful supercomputer is the one at los alamos, which manages 13.88 teraflops for a price of 215 million. so thats $15,489,914 per teraflop for los alamos vs. $505,836 per teraflop for virginia tech.

mc supernatural freestyle

amazing clip. this is a video of supernatural, quite possibly the greatest freestyler of all time, doing his famous schtick where audience members hold up random items for him to rhyme about unrehearsed and off the top. not being very verbally oriented, i am so wowed by this skill, and have such a hard time understanding how this is even humanly possible.

ninja restaurant- new york

i gotta go. must be a fun place to work.

bottled water resource study

sustainable engineer Pablo Päster did a study to figure out the resources necessary to manufacture and transport one bottle of fiji water, the countries second most popular bottled water brand. the reults are staggering.

the manufacture and transport of a single one kilogram bottle
>26.88 kilograms of water (7.1 gallons)
>.849 Kilograms of fossil fuel (one litre or .26 gal)
and created
>562 grams of Greenhouse Gases (1.2 pounds).

link to the study


discrimination against atheists

this video got me steaming mad. hellloooo! freedom of religion? freedom of speech? seperation of church and state? particularly the statement "this is a christian country". watch the vid...

how can a country be christian? the populus may be overwhelmingly christian, but the "country", the state is supposed to be secular, and the notion of freedom of religious practice, or the lack thereof, is supposed to be one of the countrys founding principles. how is it that these two women arent able to recognize that?

oh, and this is the first part of the story preempting this "discussion"- a piece about a family in mississippi that had been kicked out of their house and ostracized from their community because of their beliefs.

5000 year snuggle

these remains of an embracing man and woman were unearthed in mantua, italy the other day after 5000 years together. quite the powerful image, isnt it?
link to full story


whores for low rent

their title, not mine.
in an attempt to keep rents at a reasonable level in tel aviv, a group of locals scattered carboard cutouts of prostitutes around their neighborhood. hmmm.

executive inbox- how to improve peanuts

the right place, the right time

this photo, in which the lucky photographer managed to grab a once in a lifetime shot containing fireworks, a lightning storm, AND a comet(the little streak of light right in the center), was taken on january 26 in perth, australia during a "australia day" fireworks celebration.
go here for the full size image.


new mac ad on vista security measures

im sure youll see it sooner or later, but i just thought it was worth going ahead and posting it, since it gave me a good chuckle

ali rap?

interesting espn documentary based on the question "did muhammad ali invent rap?" hosted by public enemy front man chuck d.
5 short video previews and article here-link


Koichiro Tsujikawa

big post here, i'm so impressed with this guys work, i just cant decide which pieces to include, so i just decided to post everything i could find. 34 year old japanese film/music video director Koichiro Tsujikawa is doing some of the most interesting and innovative work i have ever seen. totally dreamlike, surreal, whimsical, however you want to describe it is fine, but i just think his work is awesome. check it out-
Cornelius - Drop

Cornelius - Tone Twilight Zone

Supercar - Wonderword

Sketch Show - Ekot

Cornelius - I Hate Hate

Cornelius- Beep it

Cornelius - fit song

RIP Slyme ~ Galaxy in the Groove


Cornelius - Gum

Cornelius Music

i'm still digging around for a few more of his videos that i couldnt find on you tube or daily motion or any of the usual video sites, particularly UAs "Flash of Light". if anyone has a link, i would appreciate if you could post it in the comments.

and finally, a very sweet and inspiring interview with the man himself-link

also,Koichiro Tsujikawas website, where those willing to do a little legwork can find some more of his work and some still images-link

ver ti go