fox news sucking big hairy cock

pardon my french, but the fox news team are a bunch of bitches. these motherfuckers are just ridiculous in their use of race baiting and lowest common denominator tactics. fuck them.

american idol at its best

"youll be famous. youre gonna be famous. you are. ok?"
wow. total meltdown.


collision collection from portland ice storm

this first driver is a trip.
i think people should have to learn some basic physics before being allowed to operate a 2 ton killing machine on ice, dont you?

colbert on o'reilly / o'reilly on colbert

there shoulda been alot more fire between these two, but still worth a watch
colbert on o'reilly
oreilly on colbert

written on the city

online gallery of sidewalk, street, and sticker art from around the world. its a great concept, and one that i've always wanted to see realized. upload your own from your city. i got about 60 to add once i can get em off my old computer. street art hunting and photographing is great fun and a great way to get to know these mean streets of ours.

life size horse sculptures done in driftwood


library porn

small but nice gallery of library photographs
Hot Library Smut

nice inline skate video- "leading the blind"

this is a really nice video. these guys are nuts. really, really nuts.

4x4 team video "leading the blind"


(virtual) protest turns (virtually) violent

protest against french right wing political party "front national" setting up shop in second life turns ugly, and absurd.

"I'm pretty sure I know what Dr. King would think of a protest against an anti-immigrant political party, but if you asked me what he'd say after the thing devolved into a virtual conflagaration of mini-guns, cursing Frenchmen, and exploding pigs, well, there I'm somewhat at a loss."

full story here- link

a little nibble from this pie we call america

from the show cheaters

this is high art right here. i'm screaming set-up. i hear they did it to get a thousand dollars from the show. this is just too perfect.

letters to god

ah, the kids. out of the mouths of babes...

tons more here-link


massive list of free online education resources

great resources for the self educator.
links to free language lessons, university courses, software, reference sites, books, ear training....



banksy photoshop

a beautiful photoshop challenge entry by stumbleupon.com member Thlayli.

the hydraulophone

thats one energy and labor intensive pipe!
pipe organs played by manipulating water flow to change tone.

squarepusher story on the BBC culture show

with some love from andre 3000...nice. well deserved love.

also, be sure to check his page at squarepusher.net


What really happened after the Deathstar blew up

no pants day / subway edition

A Pants-less woman waits on the subway platform.
Three participants exit the train, in what are hopefully their waning moments of pantless-ness before hitting the streets.
They came. They saw. They took off their pants.

More than 200 people participated in the sixth annual No Pants! Subway Ride on the 6 line yesterday...."

full story and tons of pics atimproveverywhere.com/

national funk congress deadlocked on get up/get down issue


CHOCOLATE CITY—After months of ceaseless debate, including last week's record 76-hour filibuster slap-bass solo from Senate Rubber Band Minority Leader Bootsy Collins (D-OH), the National Funk Congress is no closer to resolving its deadlock over the controversial "get up/get down" issue, insiders reported Monday.

"Get up-uh, get on up! Get up-uh, get on up!" shouted Getuplican Party supporters on the steps of the Capitol as the debate, as well as a massive 14-piece instrumental jam, raged within. The pro-up-getting demonstrators' chants were nearly drowned out by those of a nearby group of jungle-boogie Downocrats, who called upon all citizens to "Get down, get down!"

The bitter "get up/get down" battle, which has polarized the nation's funk community, is part of a long-running battle between the two factions, rooted in more than 35 years of conflict over the direction in which the American people should shake it.

link to full story

"shoes" on good day LA

original "shoes" video here