animal hold out competition

the object is to see how many of the animals favorite treats can be stacked on or around them without them giving in to temptation. pretty funny.

i have no idea how this is even possible

jack russel terrier playing with an interactive soccer floor display.

aww. dumb dog. he would probably keep this up for hours if you let him.

actually, now that i think about it, this could be a pretty useful tool for keepin those rowdy pets entertained while you are away from home. hmmm.

"is this what you want"

"After searching around the internet, we have compiled a list of what you, the viewer, wants to see. So we ask you this, is this what you want?"
high-larious commentary on the state of the internet and what people (apparently) want from it. very, very not safe for work. mom, if you are out there, i recommend you just skip this one.

link- dumpalink.com/animations/Is_That_What_You_Want_

"pas de deux" by norm mclaren (1967)

this video was the first time that multiple exposure time-lapse animation was seen in film. although pretty mundane in todays world, this was a pretty revolutionary technique at the time. you could do this in like 2 minutes nowadays, but when this short was made, each exposure had to be laid down manually, one on top of the other, on top of the other, etc.,etc., to acheive the desired results. first time i saw this, the sound was muted and sades "cherish the day" was the soundtrack. it touched me. right here.

the burton sleeper hoodie

this is pretty dope. from burton snowboards, this hoodie is designed for plane travel, and more specifically for sleeping during plane travel.
the hoodie features a pull down eye shade and neck pillow integrated into the hood, a stash pocket with ear plugs, thumb holes in the cuff, armpit ventalation, and a inside breast pocket to keep your tickets and passport.
looks pretty cozy. couldnt find any info on the burton site, so i guess it isnt available just yet.

wildly over the top decorated bento

wow. someone has a little too much excess time and creativity on their hands...
link to gallery of more images- justinspace.com

emotiv- brain/computer interface

"Emotiv has created the first brain computer interface technology that can detect and process both human conscious thoughts and non-conscious emotions. The technology, which comprises a headset and a suite of applications, allows computers to differentiate between particular thoughts such as lifting an object or rotating it; detect and mimic a user’s expressions, such as a smile or wink; and respond to emotions such as excitement or calmness."
apparently emotiv is going to be attacking the market first through video game applications, which is pretty exciting, but for some reason i find it strange that the video game industry will be responsible for bringing this kind of technology to the forefront.
heres a demo of the system from the game developers conference, i think.

seems kind of sluggish, but pretty cool, huh?

teacher tube

teacher tube is an online video sharing site strictly for education themed media. lots of classroom how-tos, lesson plans and software insrtuctionals. the site just got up and running in january, so it still has some growing to do, but what a wonderful resource.
link- teachertube.com

parents camping out for pre kindergarten registration

"These pictures may look like serious tail-gaters, people waiting for the latest gaming console or indie rock fans desperate for Sujan Stevens tickets, but, alas, no - these are actually taken from the parking lot of PS 236 in Mill Basin."
link to full story-gothamist.com


william fucking shatner

ha! will wheaton(the kid from star trek and stand by me) posted a story on his blog about the first time he met william shatner.

"If you're a longtime reader of my blog, you know that I refer to the first bald captain of the Enterprise as WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER. The origin of this charming name was first published in my book Dancing Barefoot.
Because my "Star Trek: The Experience" story from Barefoot received such a positive response back in January, I'm going to share the WFS story for the first time online, in two parts."

the story is on the suicide girls site, where will is the "geek in review" writer, so it may not be sfw or whatever-
part 1
part 2

robert hodgin

i dont know wahat you would call this guy- video artist? experimental graphic designer? computer animator? genius? definitely genius, no doubt about that. apparently this guy has been responsible for a number of award winning advertisements and creative projects and blahblahblah. just watch-

for a massive treasure trove of his work and thoughts, and tons of larger scaled videos, check out his blog here- flight404.com

the girl behind the burqa

"Caitlin Dean was raised not to discriminate against others because of their race or religion. But as a white suburban teen of Italian and Irish descent, she often wondered what it would be like to be the target of such abuse."
She found out "behind the burqa."

a few of the 50 negative comments she reported on hearing during the course of 1 day in disguise-
"Hey, we rape your women!"
"I hope all of your people die"
"You're probably going to kill us all"
"Why do they let people like this in the country?"

full story here- courant.com




serbian "vampire hunters" prevent Milosevic from coming back from the dead

from the article-
"Serbian vampire hunters have acted to prevent the very remote possibility that former dictator Slobodan Milosevic might stage a come-back - by driving a three-foot stake through his heart."
full story-link

tremoctopus (cape octopus) defense mechanism

this octopus, when threatened, lets out a long cape which trails behind it creating the most beautiful effect, but performs several functions- making it seem much larger, confusion, and as a sort of decoy. the cape tears away fairly easily and can wrap up around the face of the predator. pretty cool.

did you get the memo?


the apple iRack

a pretty clever multi tiered parody of apple, and, well, something else.

celia cruz knockin it out the park


scratch bastard at scribble jam

video of scratch bastards goofy ass winning the dj competition at scribble jam in '03.

freestyle: the art of rhyme

full documentary available for free on google video. this film is a must for anybody interested in hip hop and the art of freestyling. all the heavy hitters show up in this film, supernat, medusa, p.e.a.c.e, krs, poets of rhythm, juice, mos def, you name it, if they can rhyme or have rhymed, theyre in here.


"bonus level" by ken sakamoto

lisa is a blonde.

random photos

the cure for what ails you

do you have feelings of inadequacy? do you suffer from shyness?