stevie wonder on sesame street

blowin out the vocoder

and doin superstition. god, i miss tv like this. dig that kid on the balcony!

soudwave patterns in water

more of the same this time with water. these different wave phenomena all fall under the term cymatics. i love this kinda shit.

chlandi plate resonance patterns

sand on a metal plate hit with sound responds by creating different waveform patterns for each frequency. coool.

whitney music box

"In this movie, each of the 48 dots is moving in a circle. Each of the dots is on a 3 minute cycle. At the end of 3 minutes, the outermost dot will have moved around the circle once (this dot represents the first harmonic or fundamental). The next dot will have moved around the circle twice (representing the second harmonic). The next dot three times, and so on. The innermost dot moves around the circle 48 times.

Now, imagine these dots are raised bumps on a disc which is controlling a music box, with each bump triggering a note when it passes the zero degree line (a line extending from the center to the east). The result would look and sound something like this three minute looping movie, which I built in Flash"

be sure to check out some of the other variations on the right of the page, particularly "var. 16 - stereo - 210"

further explanation here by the creator jim bumgardner krazydad.com

"herr bar" - music by clark, vid by claire carre

intense and beautiful dance/performance/video piece done by claire carre to the music of chris clark, a.k.a. clark of warp records. a study in black and white.

more of her work on her site- clairesquare.com


cyclist outruns the cops

you would need quads like tree trunks to pull this one off

we will rock you

cool animation done to some cute ass kid version of we will rock you by queen

spiders on drugs

funny parody of the famous 60s experiment where scientists gave spiders different drugs and observed the effects on their web building abilities

numark x2 turntable/cd/mp3 hybrid

pretty sweet. combo turntable/cd player/mp3 player from numark. from what i understand, this thing allows you to use the platter to control the cd or mp3, and comes with all the bells and whistles

more info on the comanies site- numark.com

concept folding bike

speaking of bikes, one day, someone is going to come along with a folding bike that works well and isnt a total dorkmobile, and make an absolute killing. this definitely isnt it. really clever design for sure, but god, thats one hell of an ugly bicycle.

more folding bikes here- ecogeek.org

entire first year of thrasher magazines available online

i was always a shitty skater. probably because of the fact that every time i got on a board i managed to lose a healthy portion of my skin, and therefore never managed to spend enough time on a board, before i got injured, to be able to learn anything. thats alright though, i am and always will be a bike guy anyway...
however, i gots the mad respect for the thrashers of the world, and so i was thrilled to find out that thrasher magazine, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, has posted the first 12 issues, from 1981, viewable online as jpg slideshows, or downloadable pdfs.


amazing images, tube socks aplenty, and vans ads galore.


insanely awesome painter kent williams


massive catalog of music videos/live music

massive. for reals. tons of links to you tube music videos and concert footage.

top 11 things geeks did on new years eve

11. Kissed their WoW avatar at midnight.
10. Watched the BIOS date change years.
9. Hoped for a Y2K+7 bug.
8. Too busy playing nethack to notice.
7. Listened to Auld Lang Syne on their iPod.
6. Popped open a bottle of caffeinated champagne.
5. Updated their New Year's Resolution database to reflect the passing year.
4. Defragmented their hard drives.
3. Stayed up for 24 hours to wish all their online friends in different time zones a Happy New Year at the appropriate hour.
2. Had to come in to work to upgrade and reboot servers all night long.
1. Nothing. Real Klingons don't celebrate puny holidays like New Year's Eve.

richard simmons on "whos line is it anyway?"

quite possibly the funniest "whos line" ever. who knew?


bill clinton in fine form

my fellow politics junkies will enjoy this one. on this past election eve, bill clinton was out stumpin' for jim webb in virginia, and a fine pre-thumpin stumpin it was.

create custom crossword puzzles

create your own crossword puzzle online that you can add to your website or blag or whatever. fun fun fun, but slightly harder to do well than you would think. if you make one, give us the link in the comments, so we can play it. i'm gonna try to work one up when i have the time.


a TON of old console games online

just about every game of the 80's and early 90's from the nes, famicom(pre nes nintendo), master system, sega genesis, turbo grafx, and colecovision systems. jesus. if you even know what half of these systems are, you are officialy old, old, old.

just pick a system from the tabs and gogogo.

villain of the year 2006

hussein? bin laden? lucifer?



the freesound project -audio database

from the site-
"The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to
-browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more
-up and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license"

over 25,000 samples!!!- freesound.iua.upf.edu


recycle your christmas trees. most christmas trees take 10 years or so to grow to size, just to provide a week or two of christmas cheer, and then get tossed out with the trash. most cities now have recycling programs to turn those trees into mulch or other resources. this service provides the contact info and adresses for businesses and recycling programs in your area.

locations near you-earth911.org

bobos story

bobo the cat tells it like it is


alien loves predator

omg, ive been laughing so hard over this strip. alien and predator are roommates in the big apple.
trust me.



ken nordine as bob dobbs does "yellow", off of nordines "colors" album.

old time horror radio shows

samples galore kids. come and get em.
i'm a huge fan of old time radio shows. when i was a kid, 11-12, living in nowheresville in upstate new york, i got totally captivated with the medium while listening to a few hours of shows on the local npr station each week night. they did a great job of covering the whole spectrum of shows from horror to comedy, drama and sci fi. mystery. it was great. there is just something about radio that makes it so unique. laying there, listening, you have the words, the sounds, but nothing else. you are forced, almost, to conjure up the rest in your imagination, to flesh out the characters, the rooms, the scenes. at 12, laying there curled up in the dark, it made for a brilliant time.

anyhoo, heres a treasure trove of old horror shows i just found, around 100 of em, including some halloween specials from typically comedy shows like life of riley and jack benny. even ozzie and harriet. good stuff, and i'm not kiddin, for the musically inclined, we're talkin sample city.


i'll try to drop off some other radio shows soon.