christmas tree poster

this is funny. personally i have so many problems with the whole christmas tree thing, i have never actually had one of my own, not only would it be a total pain in the ass, and a total mess, and expensive, but the main issue as far as i am concerned is the wasteland of dead trees littering the streets of the world in the following weeks of xmas. depresses the hell out of me. this is a cute solution. use it year after year, and takes zero space.

for sale at firebox-link


lorin said...

i nearly reached tears putting up this artificial thing i got for this year... i am such an earth girl, i would rather a real one, but cannot bring myself to stomach it, much less afford it. maybe this will be a space saving solution for the future!

..gabriel... said...

ive followed the old charlie brown route a few times...
had a "christmas twig" or a "christmas stick". those are always fun too.