leo laporte straight TRASHES the zune

well. how about that?

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Dale said...

"The end of Digital Rights Management," says Leo.

It's not like DRM worked anyway. Everytime a new DRM method came out, some piracy group cracked it within hours. DRM ended before it started. It's not even very useful on the iPod either and is just as easily thwarted.

I haven't tried the Zune, but my iPod has piss poor sound quality and an equilizer that's worse than the 15 year old Kenwood console that sits in the garage. I've switched from the iPod to my phone (HTC Wizard) to use as an mp3 player. The sound quality blows the iPod away. If the Zune has better sound quality, then, if I choose to get another dedicated music player, there is no competition on which I will choose. Afterall, a music player's main priority is for playing MUSIC.