old time horror radio shows

samples galore kids. come and get em.
i'm a huge fan of old time radio shows. when i was a kid, 11-12, living in nowheresville in upstate new york, i got totally captivated with the medium while listening to a few hours of shows on the local npr station each week night. they did a great job of covering the whole spectrum of shows from horror to comedy, drama and sci fi. mystery. it was great. there is just something about radio that makes it so unique. laying there, listening, you have the words, the sounds, but nothing else. you are forced, almost, to conjure up the rest in your imagination, to flesh out the characters, the rooms, the scenes. at 12, laying there curled up in the dark, it made for a brilliant time.

anyhoo, heres a treasure trove of old horror shows i just found, around 100 of em, including some halloween specials from typically comedy shows like life of riley and jack benny. even ozzie and harriet. good stuff, and i'm not kiddin, for the musically inclined, we're talkin sample city.


i'll try to drop off some other radio shows soon.

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