squarepusher story on the BBC culture show

with some love from andre 3000...nice. well deserved love.

also, be sure to check his page at squarepusher.net


lorin said...

the man truly is a genius. years ago, back in my otherlands days, i handed Paul Taylor a tape that i had filled with Squarepusher. to this day, everytime i see him and talk to him for more than two minutes, he goes on and on about how that changed his life and thank you.... it generated the Interrobang thing and more for him...... of course i did not do anything, i just handed him a tape, but it never ceases to amaze me how great of an impact Squarepusher had on someone i consider to be a virtuoso in his own right. i need to pull mine out and give a good sitting... i would love to hear him live.

lorin said...

p.s.... i cannot even imagine what Andre and he will put out... but i sure look forward to it. groundbreaking it will be, i am sure.