bennet robot works

"these robot sculptures by gordon bennet are made from a mixture of found objects. the parts are found in various places including garbage dumps, basements, construction sites, and garage sales."
well, i like the concept. im pretty wowed by the fact that homeboy is selling these for between 750 and 4000 dollars, and they are moving! he says they take about a month to build, which seems like b.s. to me, more like a few hours, but more power to him. and hes selling 50 dollar posters!

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Bart said...

Ha, those little things are cool!

Just stumbled on your blog by going through the "next blog" buttons at the top, and you're blog intrigues me. I especially like your title, that's hella clever, dude.

Anyways, I have a blog of my own, stop by sometime. www.bartraeke.com