Koichiro Tsujikawa

big post here, i'm so impressed with this guys work, i just cant decide which pieces to include, so i just decided to post everything i could find. 34 year old japanese film/music video director Koichiro Tsujikawa is doing some of the most interesting and innovative work i have ever seen. totally dreamlike, surreal, whimsical, however you want to describe it is fine, but i just think his work is awesome. check it out-
Cornelius - Drop

Cornelius - Tone Twilight Zone

Supercar - Wonderword

Sketch Show - Ekot

Cornelius - I Hate Hate

Cornelius- Beep it

Cornelius - fit song

RIP Slyme ~ Galaxy in the Groove


Cornelius - Gum

Cornelius Music

i'm still digging around for a few more of his videos that i couldnt find on you tube or daily motion or any of the usual video sites, particularly UAs "Flash of Light". if anyone has a link, i would appreciate if you could post it in the comments.

and finally, a very sweet and inspiring interview with the man himself-link

also,Koichiro Tsujikawas website, where those willing to do a little legwork can find some more of his work and some still images-link

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arline said...

hi Gabe,

That was great. Very fun to watch. :)

How and what are you doing in San Fran?