tron guy recap/ for my brother

somehow, my brother didnt know who "tron guy" was. this is tron guy-

nice package, tron guy!

tron guy, a.k.a. jay maynard was a mild mannered computer consultant(or something), from minnesota(or somewhere), who made a tron costume for "penguicon", a combination linux user/ scifi convention, and posted the whole costume making process, which you can find here- tron costume
this propelled him to minor intenet notoriety, which led to him appearing as a guest on the jimmy kimmel show, which subsequently led to him being a semi regular guest/victim of the show. first they tried him out as a man on the street interviewer, which is quite possibly some of the most painful footage ever produced. prime example right here.
whew. in the process of his fame, it is revealed that jay has never been married or had a girlfriend or had sex for that matter, so the jimmy kimmel show decides to find love for the tron guy, and set him up on a series of dates. two of which i highly recommend-
date #1, where he went rollerskating. an ode to intersexual akwardness.
date #2, where a party girl finally takes control of the situation and gets him hammered and rubs his face in her boobies.

and finally we come to "now" where the latest manifestation of the tron guy was in this mac ad parody,

which is brilliant.

more, much much more, here-www.tronguy.net

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