concept folding bike

speaking of bikes, one day, someone is going to come along with a folding bike that works well and isnt a total dorkmobile, and make an absolute killing. this definitely isnt it. really clever design for sure, but god, thats one hell of an ugly bicycle.

more folding bikes here- ecogeek.org


Web said...

What qualifies as a dork mobile?

The Locust concept folding bike has gotten a lot of play online but there are other innovative folders available right now.

If by dork mobile, you mean bikes with 16 or 20 inch "kiddie" wheels that look like the frame was hack sawed in half and a hinge was welded on, what about a full size, suspended fork, folding mountain bike?

Take a look at the Montague MX or the super cool Paratrooper (which is used by Special Forces and has been para dropped). These real world folding bikes use an innovative, patented folding mechanism that will take the hard pounding of rough single track or pothole infested streets. Mere mortals can afford them to with prices starting at $550. Both folding bikes are also outfitted with Shimano components and drop outs for panniers.

..gabriel... said...

well, first off, let me say that i am a totally picky bastard about what makes a good looking bicycle, and that is a key here. there are very few bikes that i consider "cool looking" enough, even in the traditional bike category. i am just a total design/style geek on bikes... last bike i bought i searched everywhere for a bike that i liked to ride, met my criteria component wise, frame wise, and fit my personal style, of which there where only a few. like 3. i fell for the cannondale r700. that bike seduced me, shes so sexy. i just want to lick it.
back to the matter at hand, the full sizes dont really fit my criteria for what i think of as a "folding bike". yes, i know they fold, but when i think of folding bikes, i am thinking of something super portable and small, stays in one piece, and breaks down in seconds. there is also the tougher to define "cool factor" of how a human body looks and feels riding on it, proportion wise and posture wise. the finished product is like a good sculpture, pleasing to the eye.
i actually dont mind 20" wheels, but the folders in that category mostly end up looking like, as you said, kiddie bikes, or worse.. and this coming from a 33 yr old man who still likes to get on a bmx bike every now and then, as well my more "grown up" models. the point of my post i think, is that someone will someday invent a compact folder that has tons of style and the convenience, and theyll make a ton of cash.
i do like what dahon is doing, the mu sl is pretty cool, but overall, the folders out there just dont have that visual appeal that has always fueled my bike fetishism.
i do think, that soon, someone is going to make some clever design breakthrough, do something totally different, produce a beautiful and functional machine, and just take over the market.