face transformer

im surprised at how may people havent seen this. i guess since i waste so much of my life on the internets, i just assume everyone does.
anway, face transformer! here it is-
link- www.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~morph/Transformer/
super fun java app where you can upload a (frontal) picture of yourself and then transform yourself into all manners of age, race, sex, apes or artistic styles.
original photo

me as a child

as an old man

as a woman?

as an east asian

west asian


whats interesting is that there are a slew of permutations. for example i took the same photo, but said i was a young black male and made myself super white-

or into an older black man

etcetera, etcetera. or i could say i was an asian female child, or an indian old man...

tip- very important, there is no high tech anything happening here, all they do is overlay a composite of a typical face to get the transformation, so it is very important to have the photo aligned properly as in their examples, or it will come out lookin crazy. however, thats another one of the permutations you can mess around with, you can line the photos up all crazy and end up with stuff like this.

also had alot of luck using photos of extreme makeup and face paint, or reloading images that had already been transformed and putting them through multiple times...anyway, good times, good times, hope you have fun with it.

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